What my clients say....


Simon, 42, Sales Director
South-West London

Michelle listened to how I was feeling about my increasing weight and my worry about its health implications. Then we agreed on some simple diet and lifestyle changes. I've lost 8lbs in eight weeks and pulled my belt in a notch! I'm more energetic and feeling so much better.

Kebera,  54, Administrator
North London

Michelle taught me about how the sugar in my blood was affecting my weight and causing me to crave cakes and sweets all the time.  With some fresh ideas on how to eat more healthily, I'm no longer relying on sugary snacks and I've lost a stone.   

Jack, 18, University student

I kept getting colds and chest infections whilst studying for my exams.  I learnt that going to the gym at lot, studying & stress were all using up the vitamins from my food really fast.  Some extra supplements and veg in my diet have boosted my immune system and made me feel better. 

Claire, Teaching Assistant


My teenage son had missed a lot of school due to stomach pains and migraines.  Michelle was senstive around what a 13- year-old boy would do in terms of diet and found solutions. His symptoms have completely resolved and he stopped missing school.  His GCSE results this summer were fantastic!